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Our team of professionals welcomes you and thanks you for the
opportunity to provide you information regarding our strategic
planning, recruiting, and marketing capabilities.

We at
Agape Medical believe that a successful relationship
begins and ends with our complete understanding of your
practice and its goals, specifically as it relates to the size, the
scope, and the future of your practice.

Our commitment is to improving the quality of healthcare in the
United States with superior customer service and an unparalleled
level of integrity each and every transaction.

Let us tell you a few of the areas in which we specialize:

• Strategic Planning – What are your
competitors doing and how is it affecting your

• Recruiting- Do you need a nurse, technician,
or is it time to add another physician to the
practice?  Let our recruitment specialist find
the right person for your position.

• Marketing- Let us design a marketing
campaign tailored specifically to your
practice and its goals.

• Billing- Do you know how your collection
rates compares to others in your specialty?  
Let us make sure you are collecting what you
bill effectively and efficiently.

Let us put our resources and expertise to work for you and your
practice. Contact us by phone at
(812) 360-0818 or by email-